„Domki Nad WdA” IN BORSK

  • resort of wooden cottages

    resort of wooden cottages

    „Domki nad Wda”

    in Borsk in Poland

Its our great pleasure and honor to Welcome all of You

to the Kashubian Lakelands in Poland at the Resort

of Wooden Cottages "DOMKI NAD WDA"

located in the Wdzydze Landscape Park

by the Wdydze Lake and Wda River in Borsk

We have a great pleasure to invite All of You to Kashubian Lakelands

to The Resort of Wooden Cottages "DOMKI NAD WDA" in Borsk.

Resort is located in the central part of Borsk

[by the touristic road: WDYDZE TUCHOLSKIE - BORSK - WIELE]

about 10 min. walking distance from Wdydze Lake and Wda River

[only 80 km. from 3-Cities: Gdansk - Sopot - Gdynia].

Wdydze Landscape Park, The Tuchola Forest, Wda River

and picturesque complex of Wdydze Lakes the so-called "Kashubian Sea"

creates from this part of Kashubia one of the most beautiful and most attractive

touristic regions of Poland often called "Kashubian Switzerland".

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